Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Print Series Statement

For the first image in my print series I incorporated the words restaurant, sister and pen from the series of random words that I chose. The print contains the image of a girl in a pen and ink like design sitting in a café. I felt that the image had a whimsical feeling so I decided to work with that. I incorporated different patterns and bright colors as well. The swirling pattern is meant to mimic the smoke from the tea. I used the image of a girl holding an object surrounded by various designs for the following two prints.

The second image has a similar red and white pattern in the bottom corner to transition from the first print. It uses more yellow and brown coloring to enhance the candlelight. The girl also has a similar drawn design but transitions to black and white. I attempted to have patterns similar to the previous images but unique to the print.

The third image has another image of a girl with an object in her hand. She is in black and white like the previous image. The design has much more yellow and brown similar to the candlelight in the second image. The patterns become more floral as if she was looking at them through the magnifying glass. I wanted to incorporate whimsical and colorful patterns in all three images and primarily work with that.

Book Statement

The concept for my book is a short silent film style story. I took inspiration from Chaplin films and photographed my own short story. I got people together and dressed them up into different characters suitable for the theme. I also attempted to make small settings appropriate for the story. I used the words from actual intertitles, from three specific films, combined to create a general story open to interpretation.

I manipulated the images in Photoshop removing and replacing objects that would reveal a modern setting. I made the images look more dated and like film, and then preceded to bring them into InDesign. In InDesign I organized the photos and combined them with the text pages I created in Illustrator. I found a border suitable for the project and traced it in illustrator before bringing it into InDesign.

In InDesign I used the fonts Eccentric Std, Apple Chancery, Copperplate Gothic Light and Garamond. The fonts were very similar to the fonts I viewed in the film “The Kid”, which were likely designed by hand. The title page and final pages are designed after the intertitles from that film. I also incorporated a light gradient to lighten up the black background and make it seem like projected light.

I decided to construct my book in the form of an oversized film reel. I printed the images on the wide format printer in long strips and put them together by hand and onto the reel. I felt that my images had a humorous and mocking feel and so a more absurd form of binding would be appropriate.

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Some images i may use for my book